Expect The Unexpected In Fort Smith, Arkansas!

January 26th, 2018 by Corey A. Edwards

The Unexpected in Fort Smith, AR

This mural by Ana Maria is just one of many to be seen in Fort Smith. – image courtesy Valis55

Expect The Unexpected in Fort Smith, Arkansas! The Unexpected is an ongoing street art initiative that is bringing permanent work by internationally renowned street artists to Fort Smith.

Fort Smith, Arkansas is probably most famous for its connection to the real-life story of Rooster Cogburn and Mattie Ross in True Grit. That a town the size of Fort Smith would have much claim to fame at all may come as a bit of a surprise – but Fort Smith is full of surprises. It’s no hyperbole at all to say that you can definitely expect The Unexpected in Fort Smith!

The Unexpected Project first appeared in 2015 as a week-long street-art initiative for Fort Smith. The mission was to revive the Fort Smith downtown area while simultaneously creating a more vibrant art community for the city. Three years on and even though there is no end in sight, it’s tempting to say they’ve succeeded.

Murals and installations of the size and quality created during The Unexpected are far more typical in big cities. Seeing them here, in and around Fort Smith’s more humble downtown, only serves to make them – and the city – that much bigger and brighter. Artists who have participated in past festivals read like a who’s who of the street art movement: Alexandre Farto, Ana Maria, Askew One, Roa, D*Face, Saner, and Crystal Wagner to name just a few.

Attending The Unexpected in Fort Smith is an incredible experience. For one week, renowned artists from around the world converge on Fort Smith to create their street-art masterpieces. Watching as these amazing works of art unfold is fascinating to behold. It’s not all just paint, either. 2017 saw the projects move from murals into spaces and environments.

The Unexpected in Fort Smith

The Unexpected Project occurs on an annual basis, with last year’s show occurring in July. While the dates for 2018 have yet to be announced, it almost doesn’t matter. The great thing about The Unexpected is, you don’t have to attend the festival to appreciate its effects. The art it produces can be seen year-round!

You can even view a handy guide to all of The Unexpected artworks around Fort Smith. Simply visit www.unexpectedfs.com and scroll down on the home page to the map.

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