Discover Crowley’s Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway

March 17th, 2018 by Corey A. Edwards

Discover Crowley’s Ridge Parkway National Scenic BywayAmerica’s largest alluvial plane also holds one of Arkansas’ most scenic motorcycle rides. Come discover Crowley’s Ridge Parkway National Scenic Byway in the Arkansas Delta region.

The Eastern Arkansas Delta region is situated within our nation’s largest alluvial plain. An alluvial plane is a vast and ancient flatland created over the eons by continual flooding. In this instance, the culprit is the Mississippi River and a millennia of erosion, silt deposits, and course changes.

Arkansas’ Delta region sounds rather violent and ugly when described like that but nothing could be farther from the truth. The area is lush, beautiful, and contains some of our nation’s most gorgeous country, including Crowley’s Ridge Parkway.

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway is a natural formation rising as much as 200 feet above the surrounding terrain. The formation run from Malden, Missouri to Helena, Arkansas. The 198-mile long route covers 17 highways, two county roads, and several city streets. Primarily hardwood forests, farmland, and orchards, the route also runs through St. Francis National Forest and passes by 7 state parks. Is it any wonder Crowley’s Ridge was designated as Arkansas’ first National Scenic Byway?

State Parks Along Crowley’s Ridge Parkway

Crowley’s Ridge State Park
Lake Frierson State Park
Lake Poinsett State Park
Village Creek State Park
Parkin Archeological State Park
Mississippi River State Park
Louisiana Purchase State Park

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway is considered one of Arkansas’ most scenic motorcycle routes. The trip along can be combined with the Arkansas stretch of the Great River Road. The Great River Road’s southern section follows the last leg of Crowley’s Ridge Parkway, before continuing on through the Lower Delta. (view the 2018 Arkansas motorcycling guide here).

You’ll find more than just scenery and recreation along Crowley’s Ridge Parkway, too. For those interested in Native American studies should definitely stop at Parkin Archeological State Park and the Arkansas State University Museumin Jonesboro. History and fans of early Blues will enjoy a visit to the Delta Cultural Center in Helena.

Crowley’s Ridge Parkway

Arkansas DeltaCrowley’s Ridge Parkway runs along many of the Arkansas Delta’s lesser-known roads and small towns. Be sure you know your route before you go!

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