Can You Dig It? Where To Find Quartz Crystals in Arkansas

June 18, 2018 by Corey A. Edwards

Where to find Quartz Crystals in ArkansasThe quality and availability of naturally occurring quartz crystals in Arkansas is rivaled only by Brazil. If you’re a fan of quartz crystals, a visit to Arkansas’ Ouchitas is most definitely in order.

Whether you love crystals or are just looking for something neat to bring home as a vacation memento, you should visit Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains. The area is known for its abundant deposits of quartz crystal. And by “deposits” I mean that, in some areas, you could once simply scoop the crystals up off the ground like so many pebbles.

Of course, by now, most those easy to scoop-up crystals are … already scooped up. Today, one has to either rely on a rock shop for crystals in Arkansas – or go mine your own. But wait. Before you invest in a headlamp and pick axe, there’s something you should know about “mining” quartz crystals in Arkansas.

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Mount Ida – The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World!

July 27, 2015 by Corey A. Edwards

Mount Ida Arkansas - the Quartz Crystal Capital of the WorldHistorically, only two areas in the world are known to produce the world’s best quartz crystals: Brazil and Arkansas. When it comes to Arkansas quartz, you can’t go wrong with the Mount Ida area, also known as The Quartz Crystal Capital of the World – a place so rich in quartz crystals you can sometimes just pick them up off the ground!

Calling yourself the “anything capital of the world” doesn’t really make it so – but Mount Ida has a reasonable claim, at least for the northern hemisphere. Here you will find crystal and gem shops galore selling not just locally mined quartz crystals but also other types of local and imported gems and crystals like fluorite, citrene, and amethyst.

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