Learn Legends of Lost Conquistador Gold at Old Spanish Treasure Cave

April 28th, 2017 by Corey A. Edwards

Old Spanish Treasure Cave in Sulphur Springs, AROld Spanish Treasure Cave, in Sulphur Springs, AR, is a living limestone cavern shrouded in the mystery and legend of lost Conquistador gold. If you’ve a taste for adventure and mystery, take a tour of Old Spanish Treasure Cave!

It’s a story that goes back more than 350 years.

Shortly after its discovery, Spanish Conquistadores searched the New World for riches. According to legend, a group of these intrepid explorers passed through the Northwest Ozarks. Lost, weak from illness and malnutrition, and assailed by natives, they secreted the treasure they were carrying in a cave.

Thereafter, Old Spanish Treasure Cave remained sealed with its secrets. In 1885 an old Spaniard from Madrid re-discovered the cave with the help of a couple of old maps. Though he and many others have scoured the caverns, no one has ever found the lost treasure.

Over the years, however, other telltale items have been found in the cave. Helmets, armor, weapons, and a few gold coins. Even more exciting, droughts have revealed previously undiscovered, rarely accessible, buried rooms. In fact, Old Spanish Treasure Cave has never been fully explored.

Due to all the early treasure hunting, Old Spanish Treasure Cave didn’t open to the public until the 1930s. Old Spanish Treasure Cave is privately owned and active exploration continues, with guided tours offered throughout the year.

Visitors should expect cooler temperatures and dress accordingly as the cave stays a constant 56 degrees year round. It is also recommended that you wear closed-toe shoes with good gripping soles. During the tour, you’ll navigate narrow caverns and passageways, cross a natural bridge, and enter several limestone rooms filled with columns of fascinating, natural formations.

Though the cave is well lit, it is suggested that you bring a small flashlight to help you to pick out specific cave formations. The cave contains stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, flowstone, large columns, and more. So fascinating, graceful, and gorgeous.

Old Spanish Treasure Cave also serves as a natural habitat for a variety of small creatures. Bats, a variety of salamanders, cave silkworms, and other have made the cave their home for untold centuries.

For anyone who loves caves, mysteries, history, or nature, Old Spanish Treasure Cave in Sulphur Springs is definitely worth visiting!

Old Spanish Treasure Cave

14290 North Ark. 59, Sulphur Springs, AR 76768
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday – 9am to 5pm
Sundays – 12pm to 5pm | Closed Wednesdays and Thurdays
Visit Old Spanish Treasure Cave online at www.spanish-treasure-cave.com

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