Mystic Caverns – Two of Arkansas Most Spectacular Caves

June 28, 2019 by Corey A. Edwards

Mystic Caverns in Harrison ArkansasMystic Caverns, in Harrison, AR, is the site of not one but two spectacular show caves – one of which wasn’t discovered until a bulldozer broke through in the mid 1960’s!

Mystic Cavern has been around so long no one is even sure when it was first discovered. The region was settled in the 1830’s and the original entrance was pretty obvious so it can likely be dated to that time. The earliest physical evidence of visitors dates back to 1919 when someone by the name of “Adam Kolbe” carved his name and the date on a cave formation.

By the 1920’s, the cave was a functioning attraction, only the second or third Arkansas show cave to open in the state at that time. The cave was known as both “Mansion Cave” and “Wild Horse Cave” before being renamed “Mystic Caverns” in the 1950’s.

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Tour A Living Cave – Blanchard Springs Caverns!

September 15, 2016 by Corey A. Edwards

Blanchard Springs CavernsBlanchard Springs Caverns, in Ozark National Forest, is an incredible, living cave which you can discover via a variety of spectacular tours.

Caves beckon to us with their mystery, history, and the promise of secrets in the depths. Blanchard Springs Caverns in Stone County, Arkansas is no exception! A “living” cave, the limestone formations you see in Blanchard Springs are still being formed and glisten with moisture. The delicate stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, and other formations here are the result of thousands of years of minerals being deposited.

This cave system has three levels, two of which are open to the public for a variety of different cave tours.

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